Transportation Improvement Program

Every two years, the MPO must develop a Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) which lists the projects for which federal transportation funds will be spent during at least a three-year period. The MPO must demonstrate that the projects in the TIP have the funding reasonably available to complete the listed projects.

View the FY 2017-2020 Transportation Improvement Plan Amendment III (PDF). This Amendment was approved by our Policy Committee on March 6, 2018.

We are taking comments from the public on our Draft FY 2019 - FY 2022 Transportation Improvement Program throughout the months of March and April.  The FY 2019 - 2022 TIP will go before our Policy Board for adoption on May 2, 2018.  Comments may be made by calling the phone number on the right, sending a fax, via email to our Executive Director Dan Rudge (, or by clicking on the get involved link at the top of the page and clicking "Submit a Comment.
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